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Admitted to legal practice in all States and Territories of Australia, I work in the areas of commercial law, corporations and securities, property law, intellectual property (trade marks and copyright), technology, computer and internet related matters, domain name disputes, cross-border disputes, and alternative dispute resolution.

My practice also extends to assisting clients with matters in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and China.

I am an accredited mediator and an appointed arbitrator on the Foreign Arbitrators panel of the Shanghai International Arbitration Center.

Court cases that I have worked on in the last several years and currently working on include:

  • Statutory fraud committed by perpetrators against the client’s interest in property and corporation (both in Victoria and New South Wales)

  • Infringement of trademarks, passing off, contravention of s, 18 of the Australian Consumer Law

  • Shareholders and Unit Holders dispute in the context of oppression proceedings and/or fraudulent activities

  • Claims brought under the Testator Family Maintenance provisions

  • Claims against professionals involved in fraudulent activities, including running scams and Ponzi type schemes

  • Providing strategic advice to property developers involved in high density apartment development and large scale land sub-divisions

  • Assisting client to launch civil proceedings for breach of contract (in excess of AUD$1M) against an individual domiciled in China

  • Freezing order of assets in excess of AUD$20M brought by overseas entities against individuals residing in Australia for alleged fraud

  • Providing expert opinion for use in courts in China and Singapore

  • Assisting lawyers (by providing legal opinions and/or drafting of complex legal points of claim) in Malaysia and Singapore in relation to their client’s high profile disputes in those jurisdictions

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William Lye OAM S.C.  威廉 黎, 資深大律師
Barrister at Law