No one wins in litigation, it is a question of how much one loses. Reaching a negotiated resolution will minimise the short term pain and long term loss of opportunity.
— William Lye

In a Western democracy, litigants are rights oriented. They focus on protecting and enforcing their legal rights.  In the East, parties seek to preserve their long term interests by giving face to each other. They focus on maintaining peace and harmony of relationship even though it may mean losing some of their legal rights.  Parties of a culturally and ethnically diverse background are often reluctant to litigate because it causes both parties to lose face.  Losing face is worst than losing money. 

William is available to accepts briefs as Counsel or as Mediator. He is an Accredited Mediator; have been a Victorian Bar Conciliator; and a Corporate Negotiator. For over two decades, William has assisted many parties to resolve their differences or disputes.  

As a Victorian Bar Conciliator, William understand the pressures facing barristers, and the issues that often spark a dispute.  He seeks to listen carefully to the underlying messages that are often buried deep, and assist his colleagues to arrive at a fair and just outcome.

As a Mediator, William seeks to be the trusted intermediary (中介) between the parties.  He believes that parties can find a win-win outcome to their dispute if they focus on re-aligning their expectations from looking for a short term gain to a long term solution.  

As a Negotiator, William seeks to align the party's interest to the common objective of success.

In conducting conciliation, mediation or negotiation, William brings into the process a cultural dynamic that creates a pathway for parties to save face based on the 5Rs: 

  • Reach-out

  • Respect

  • Recognise

  • Reciprocate

  • Reward

Mediation can be conducted at any venue.  Sometimes the parties choose the Court precincts as the venue for the mediation.  

In Victoria, for a cost effective and access to modern facilities William recommends the Victorian Bar Mediation Centre.

William is happy to accept an appointment as a Mediator in any area of disputes, including family law and personal injury claims.

As Mediator, William’s mediation fees includes 2 hours preparation. William will bear the costs of travel and accommodation in interstate mediations, subject to his agreed fees being paid into his clerk’s trust account prior to the mediation.