Mutual Cooperation

As a barrister practising at the Independent Bar, I am self-employed and enjoy the freedom to associate, non-exclusively, with any legal practitioner in Australia and around the world.  I am often retained to be part of the legal team on any matter for the client, working closely with the Senior Partner of the law firm.  

I am legally qualified to practise law in all States and Territories of Australia.  I also assist clients with their business and legal matters arising in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and the People's Republic of China.

Memorandum of Cooperation

We can cooperate along the following principles: 我们可遵循下列原则开展合作:

1.   To maintain warm and friendly communications. 保持热情友好的沟通和交流.

2.  To provide opportunities for professional development, education, training and sharing of knowledge in the areas of International Commercial Arbitration. 致力于在国际商业仲裁方面相互提供专业发展、教育、培训以及知识分享的机会.

3.   To promote strategic relationships in trade and commerce, and the provision of legal services. 致力于在贸易和商业以及法律服务提供方面提升战略合作关系.

4.   To cooperate in assisting each other on specific legal cases (as requested and on such terms as may be agreed), including in the areas of: 在具体法律案件中开展互助合作(应一方的请求并依据达成的协议条款),包括下列领域:

(a)   Commercial Law and Contract Law;  商业法以及合同法;

(b)   Corporate Law; 公司法;

(c)   International Commercial Arbitration; 国际商业仲裁;

(d)   Mergers and Acquisition; 兼并与收购;

(e)  Background investigation of Target Company and/or its Directors and Shareholders. 目标公司和/或其内部股东以及董事的背景调查.

Team work

I also work in collaboration with other associates who can provide the following services:

  • Private Investigations and Forensics

  • Expert Report and Valuation

  • Interpretation and Translation (English to Chinese/Chinese to English)

  • Notary Public

  • Corporate Investigations and Due Diligence

My preferred approach is to work closely with the client and his or her senior executive team.  It takes time to build trust in a professional relationship with clients.   The time I invest in understanding a client's business enables me to better understand the drivers of the client's commercial objectives, and the pressure points in the client's business cycle. Such knowledge enables me to be more effective as its strategic advisor.

When it comes to litigious matters, having a deep understanding of the client's business also enables me to find cost efficient and timely ways to help the client resolve those matters.