My moment of thoughts

Sweet success will ultimately be savoured but not without the taste of bitter failures.

Never give up.
— William Lye

Life is a journey that brings rich experiences.  

It is, however, like a mist.  Here today. Gone tomorrow.

So, it is important to seize the day.  Time is all we have.  It is our only true valuable resource.

I value the lessons gained through hard knocks and continue to learn by soft landing as I grow older.  

Here are some of them.


My life's learnings ...

1.     My father's advice - Don't make the same mistake twice. 

2.    My revelation of marketing - "The Reptilian always win." - Clotaire Rapaille.. 

3.    My marketing approach - There is a "code" in everything, break that "code" to succeed.

4.    My thought about cultural engagement - "Nothing is impossible but Everything is difficult."


6.    My mantra - "I hear and I forget.  I see and I remember.  I do and I understand." - Confucius

7.    My drive –  I want my children to have equality in their diversity as Asian Australians.

8.    My expectation of people - The proof is in the pudding.

9.    My giving to others - Don't just mentor people.  Nominate them. Sponsor them. 
10.   My resolution - Spend 80% of time and energy on 20% of people and things that matter.

11.    My attitude to work - Excellence is hard to obtain.  Pursue it with all you've got.

12.   My dislike - Mediocrity.  It is infectious. Avoid catching it.  

13.    My idea of a great team - Better to have an A team with a B grade project than a B team with an A grade project.         - Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship

14.    My extension to 13 above – I'd rather work with people who have integrity, loyalty, and honesty and make less money than to do a big transaction with people who engage in sharp practice.

15.    My philosophy about money - If it is not your time, money will elude you.  But if it is your time, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, money will find you.  So, don't focus on chasing the money.  Focus on identifying the opportunity and then work on seizing it.

16.    My extension to No. 15 above - Money can be made anytime and anywhere.  A good opportunity once missed will unlikely return.

17.    My pet hate – Hypocrisy.

18.    My approach to language - Learn a language to speak the mind.  Understand and embrace cultural intelligence to communicate the heart.

19.    My approach to diversity – To raise awareness of "unconscious bias" and promote "diversity of thought".

20.   My life lesson – Keep doing your best despite the odds against you.  Persist even though there are set backs and failures.  Be determined even though people don't believe in you. Don't give up on yourself because no one else will do it for you.


Habits or traits to avoid ...

1.    Making promises that you don't or can't keep. You will be perceived as unreliable, and people won't trust your word anymore. Eventually, people will begin to distant themselves from you and lose interest in what you have to say.

2.   Having a conversation with someone digitally.  You become adept at finger typing but at the same time you end up developing a cold demeanour as you get comfortable in hiding behind a facade. People won't know how you really feel or what you are going through personally.  It is devoid of emotions.  LOL :) :( ooxxoo ;-( just isn't the same as the hearing sound of laughter among friends, or feeling empathy, or embracing sadness, or enjoying the warmth of a hug, or sharing joys of tears with a friend.  That is living in the real analog world!

3.   Constantly looking at your digital device while a person is talking to you.  It is not multitasking.  It is rude and               disrespectful to the other person. Eventually, when two people do the same thing while being in each other's presence, they lose the art of tender communication. They become human robots!

4.   Making friends with people of influence so as to use their networks and connections for your personal gain.  This is an ugly trait when done overtly and without regard to the other person.  It will reveal that you lack integrity and honour.


Various quotes …

1.   The Answer is not always the Solution.

2.  Doing business (especially in Asia) is 90% eating and drinking, and 10% cutting the deal.

3.  Success is 99% preparation and patience, 1% luck.

4.  Success is also contributing to another person's success.

6.  Nothing is impossible. Everything is difficult. 

7.  Everything is possible.  Nothing is easy.

8.  If you gather enough firewood, the flames will burn higher.

9.  The greatest gift you can give someone is your TIME.  Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back. 

10. Constructive conflict can give rise to the creative process of thinking to find better solutions to problems.

11.  Diversity is a process. Not an outcome - Prof. Frank Wu.

12.  Change is not automatic.  It comes through struggles.  If you don't push for change, you will always go back to the default position.

13.  Think outside the  building.  See beyond the dot - William Lye

14. You cannot be what you cannot see. But when one can be, others can see and dream of what they can also be.

15. You can only enjoy the view if you climb the mountain - Cheri Ong